Technology – Polygon Decimation

High Quality Polygon Decimation – the best possible balance between the model size and desired level of detail:

  • reduces number of polygons up to 100 times while keeping the visual quality
  • increases rendering performance and reduces models size
  • decimates millions of polygons in seconds with low memory footprint
  • intelligent handling of shape boundaries and visual attributes

  • 90% reduction – 28,204 triangles vs 282,047 in the original model

    CAMI (GM) Assembly example

    Original model 2,249,649 triangles (144MB)

    Optimized model, 75% reduction 562,411 triangles (41MB)

    Optimized model, 90% reduction 224,963 triangles (15.5MB)

    Technology – Instant LOD generation

    Instant LOD (Level of Detail) generation:

  • The best possible balance between the number of triangles and required level of details
  • One-step simultaneous computation for a complete LOD-chain
  • Dynamic selection of decimation ratio in real-time
  • Design View

    Original part
    51282 triangles

    Single Part

    97% reduction
    1538 triangles

    Sub Assembly

    1024 trs


    512 trs

    Technology – 3D Optimization

    Adaptive 3D model optimization for mesh repairs and quality improvments:

  • Merges adjoining shapes or shapes with same material
  • Recalculates and refines normals
  • Rapairs and heals irregular meshes by removing overlaps, closing gaps and fixing intercrossings
  • Custom optimization profiles for CAD/CAM, 3D scanners and LiDARs, Architecture, 3D Printing, Virtual and Augmented
    Reality, etc