Developing advanced computer graphics software, including solutions for 3D model optimization, polygon decimation and data visualisation

Founded in 2002, based in Markham, ON

First low.3D Desktop product sales - 2003

More than 500 customers, including 300+ business users:

  • Automotive, Academia, Aerospace and Defense, Virtual Reality and Training simalutors, Media and Publishing, CAD/CAM/CAE, Gas and Oil, GIS/BIM, Architecture, GameDev, Jewelry Design, etc
  • Bechtel (USA), Rio Tinto Pilbara Iron (Australia), University of Rochester (USA), Adidas Group (Germany), Octaga Visual Solutions (Norway), Daimler AG (Germany), General Motors (USA, Canada), BAE Systems (USA, UK), GeoNT Co. Ltd. (Korea), Cristal CG (China), EZD Tech (Spain), Sunglass (USA)
  • Low.3D speciality is high-quality decimation, topology repair and on-line visualization for large polygonal 3D models (from thousands to billions triangles)

    Low.3D offers several polygon reduction and model optimization techniques to deal with highly complex and oversampled 3D meshes:

  • Reducing the number of polygons up to 100+ times while preserving the visual quality with minimum geometry degradations
  • Adaptive mesh topology repair and optimization
  • Intelligent high-quality decimation for models with non-continuous textures and complex visual attributes
  • One step LOD-chain generation with the best possible balance between the number of polygons and desired level of details
  • Efficient mesh operations: boolean, offsets, intersections

  • The Ultimate Solutions

    For 3D Design, CAD/CAM, AEC and Additive Manufacturing:

  • Generate and optimize models for on-line 3D visualization, 3D printing and VR/AR applications
  • Optimize internal tesselation to decrease model size and reduce processing times in
  • Produce high quality 3D thumbnails and preview images
  • View and interact with imported polygonal models in real time
  • For 3D Capture, Photogrammetry and Spatial Data Processing (GIS/BIM):

  • Produce high-quality mesh from raw point cloud data
  • Repair topology, fix mesh defects and reduce irregular models produced by OEM tools
  • Optimize 3D-scan models to produce high-quality LOD in real time
  • Increase visualization speed and add interactivity to web applications

  • For on-line 3D visualization, Virtual/Augmented Reality, loud-based PLM and on-line 3D model marketplaces:

  • Improve user experience by enhancing visual quality and reducing download time
  • Create instant LOD-chains for specific presentation conditions
  • Save money by reducing storage, bandwidth and memory requirements
  • Products and Services

    low.3D SDK

    – a drop-in OEM solution to incorporate advanced 3D optimization and polygon decimation technology into existing or new 3rd-party applications
  • Rich and straightforward C++ API
  • Scalable 64-bit architecture to support models with up to 3B triangles
  • Robust performance and application controlled memory footprint
  • Domain-specific optimization profiles and custom plugins

  • low.3D Desktop

    – a complete 3D model optimization solution at your desktop
  • Built-in 3D viewer for visual control during model optimization
  • Batch mode reduction and optimization
  • Supports OBJ, GLTF and STL file formats

  • low.3D Web

    – SaaS solution for 3D model optimization
  • Cloud based, platform independent
  • Delegates CPU and memory extensive computations into the cloud
  • RESTful web-service API for integrations with 3rd party applications
  • WebGL 3D visualization

  • low.3D Custom Solutions and Services:

  • Custom 3D solutions for CAD/CAM, Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3DCapture and Geo-Spatial Data Processing, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Medical Applications
  • Engineering graphic libraries and viewers