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Complete 3D model optimization solution for your desktop
Buid-in 3D viewer for visual control during model optimization
Supports OBJ, PLY and STL file formats

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The case study shows that by using VizUp the users could reduce STL models by 95% without any visual quality degradation.


"You have the best 3D decimation out there by far for the price..."

Jeff Williams, Raytheon PS

"Good visual feedback and a sophisticated algorithm combine..."

James Holmes, Madhouse Media

Direct Dimensions model examples:

Sculpture Head
low.3D optimization for on-line viewing, 5 and 10 times reductions

Original → 90% reduction
  • 535K → 53.5K triangles
  • 26 MB → 2.6 MB

  • Trilobite Fossil
    90% decimation for 3D scan model

    Original → 90% reduction
  • 2,055K → 205K triangles
  • 103 MB → 10.3 MB

  • Skull Mask
    compare original low-res model with low.3D 95% reduction of high-res model

    Original → 95% reduction
  • 100K → 33.3K triangles
  • 7.6 MB → 2.3 MB