The Ultimate 3D Optimization to save TIME and MONEY while increasing QUALITY:

High Quality Decimation –

polygon count reduction
similar to lossy compression: MP3 for music, JPEG for images

  • Simplifies models to reduce computation and visualization times
  • Reduces model sizes to mitigate storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Improves export quality for polygonal formats (STL, OBJ, PLY, GLTF, etc)
  • Instant LOD-chains –

    multi-resolution representations with best possible balance between model size and level of details

  • Reduces computation time by one step generation
  • Instant any-level LOD retrieval without addition computations
  • Multi-resolution streaming ready for on-line visualization
  • Model topology enhancements and geometry repairs –

    fixing mesh defects and enhancing topology features for Reality Capture models

  • Fixes mesh defects for 3D scans and photogrammetry
  • Restoring straight edges and plane surfaces for photogrammetry models
  • Converting non-manifold topology
  • Boolean mesh operations, offsets, intersections and waterproofing
  • low.3D Technology addresses challenges of working with large and complex 3D models:


    Models are unnecessarily complex or oversampled


    Immense bandwidth and storage requirements


    Inferior visual quality Long rendering Emes

    low.3D Technology provides the advanced solutions:


    to reduce complexity, decrease model size and repair topology


    to increase visualization speed and reduce resource consumption


    to control optimization and present your work

    Tecnology and Products Updates (Spring 2022)

    New 64-bit SDK version – supports models over 1B triangles

  • Reduced memory consumption (200MT - 16MB)
  • Application controlled memory footprint
  • “Lean optimization” mode for extra-large models (>1B)
  • Linux port (Ubuntu 20.04)
  • Dynamic and static LOD:

  • Produce “instant” LOD on demand with any ratio in real-time
  • Generate a multi-resolution LOD-chains in one step
  • 3D lossy and lossless data compression for fast download

  • Advanced optimization for complex models:

  • Support for non-manifold geometry
  • Progressive bulk regeneration for normals
  • Support for non-continuous textures
  • Mesh topology and geometry repairs:

  • Removing gaps and overlaps
  • Fixing duplicated and intercrossing triangles
  • Making “water-tight” mesh

  • Point Cloud data processing (in works):

  • Point Cloud triangulation for raw 3D scanner and LiDAR data
  • Smart optimization based on raw point cloud data
  • Split and Merge technology for XXXL models